Seven Bullets

Bang! The first bullet was shot, it rang out throughout the night, racing from the gun into the midsection of the opponent, his eyes widen, but he smirks, the bullet going clean through him as he heals, leaving little to no damage in less than 10 seconds.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three more bullets hit their target and the owner of the fire-arm appears interested at the healing abilities of the other, “If these bullets were silver, you wouldn’t be healing quite as fast, now would you?”

A snarl rips from the opponents throat as his chest heals, right above where his heart is located, he ducks and dodges and slices at the gun toting man, waiting for the next bullet, expecting silver this time instead of lead.

Bang! The bullet goes straight between his eyes and he falls down, twitching slightly as his brain heals itself, the fifth bullet appeared to have done far more damage than any of the others, but eventually, his opponent stands up, sensing the damage that this creature holds against his pack, He lunges at the man with the gun.

Bang! The sixth bullet pierces straight through the opponents heart, causing him to leak blood, much quicker than before, the gun-holder side-steps and backs up slightly, attempting to step away from the angry wolf, appearing somewhat fearful, the wolf doesn’t buy it, he lunges forward again.

Bang! This one pierced the wolf’s lung, making it instantaneously harder for him to breathe, but even still, the gun had gone off seven times, seven bullets, and still the other is standing strong, his clothes ripped in all the places he’s been hit, except his still slightly scarred forehead.

Click click, the victor appears obvious now, a smirk comes onto the face of the opponent, he doesn’t expect to lose against this one.Still, the other barely hesitates, tossing the gun aside and grinning, a low chuckle emitting from his small form, “Now the real fun can begin.”

The apparent winner freezes, slightly frightened and fairly confused at his opponents confidence in his abilities without a weapon. He soon shrugs off his fear and jumps at his opponent, claws elongate and teeth sharpen, sweat and blood splatter in every direction. With every scratch and bite, the opponent grows, wings elongate, eyes glow brighter and brighter, power flows through the air like electricity, and still they fight, the half-dragon creature grinning ever-wider with every small change.

Soon enough, the rest of the pack can feel the danger that this threat poses, they watch, waiting for any sign that they may need to help the alpha. The dragon slashes at the other’s neck, a howl is heard in the night, louder than ever when amplified by the fifty that follow. They charge as one, the sound of bones cracking and clothes ripping, claws elongating, and teeth sharpening echoing through the night. Growls can be occasionally heard many miles off, where the sound of dogs howling out their best wishes for their brothers among humans are louder than ever.

The dragon grins, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he sees the pack coming to attack him, he chuckles again before taking to the air. He spreads his arms wide, showing off eight beautifully crafted silver throwing knives, one between each of his fingers, he moves his arm in slightly and flicks his wrist just right, four of the wolves catch a knife in their forehead, then he does it again with his left hand, this time, only three die, he shrugs, he usually misses one with his left anyway.

Seven down, only forty-four left to go, he grins, he likes those odds.

The wolves all charge at him, climbing trees and jumping now to reach him, some claws sticking into his side, still, he stays strong, taking the heads off of anyone who would dare get close enough.

By this point he’d taken down half the pack and a few had fled, leaving only about fifteen for him to defeat, but he was also getting just a bit bored of fighting with these odds, jump, claw, rip, kill and repeat, over and over again, he was starting to lose interest, his adrenaline was running low and he could feel it, he needed to fight something bigger.

Just as that thought occurred to him, the earth started moving and the wolves instinctively jumped out of the trees and away from where the hole was forming, A creature with multicolored dragon wings comes out of the hole, she’s glaring at the green winged half-dragon, she waves her hand and the dragon-person is flung into a tree, “You will not harm this pack ever again.

He grins at her, “Oh, you’ll do quite well.” He pops his bones and chuckles, stretching his wings out, he holds out a hand and twists, making her do a flip mid-air, she growls and pushes out, making a large ball of energy come out and hit him straight in the chest, he plummets into the ground, his bones breaking and twisting as he falls through the trees, he lands with his eyes on the back of his head, his skin black and blue.

She rolls her eyes and goes back to her hole, but when she goes a bit below, the earth closes around her legs and holds her there, refusing to open up again, a voice is heard coming from the body of the green winged creature in the trees, bones click and pop back into place, bruises heal and his neck twists back to normal, “You know, if everyone tried, and worked together, all of us element-born’s could take out every single one of you “royal’s” because, ya see, you only have a tiny fraction of the rest of our powers, just because you have some of it all, doesn’t mean that you should rule us all, maybe… We need a change in rulers. After all, your clan has been royal for far. too. long.”

With the last three words, the earth began surrounding the royals all around the world, suffocating every last one of them, and with the death of the royals, came the rule of the green.